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Don't go where I can't follow.


When first encountering Riza Hawkeye most people think stern, quiet, and disciplined. They would not be wrong. Riza is a soldier and has been for a long time. While she was timid and shy as a teenager, her time in the military molded her into a disciplined woman who could stand her ground against the toughest of opponents. She is exceptionally rational, perhaps a holdover from her own father who was a scientist and alchemist. She doesn't suffer fools and will solve a problem with a calm approach and try not to jump to conclusions. This has probably helped her as a sniper since she needs to keep a cool head and a keen eye on any situation.

While she maintains a professional aura most of the time, those that get to know her well will see that she has a softer, more compassionate side to her. This comes through especially when she interacts with younger characters and animals -- perhaps wanting to protect their innocence since that was something she lost a long time ago. Still, even while kindhearted, Riza maintains a level of formality even while in private. It could be due to the fact that she had so few friends as a child or because as a sniper she had to maintain her distance -- both literally and figuratively. Whatever the case, some people can mistake Riza as being cold, but she's honestly got a sense of humor and warmth that will only appear in private and with her closest friends. She is very subtle about her affections and some might say the very personification of "tough love" -- seen in her training her dog Black Hayate with a firm hand or in her interactions with Col. Roy Mustang. It should also be noted that while she is cool and calm most of the time she has been known to have a "breaking point" where she will actually show her anger and frustration with an individual. Usually this will be Roy, but after her time in New York she also ended up yelling at Harry a lot as well.

Riza takes her job as a soldier and sniper very seriously -- never drawing her weapon unless she means to use it. She sees her gun as a tool she can use to protect the people she cares about. Riza does not mind getting her hands bloody and sacrificing her own happiness if it means that the people she loves can live another day. She has been shown to be very in control of her emotions -- hardly ever giving in to despair or even anger. Instead she remains calm and will only snap if it's a very desperate situation, like thinking the person she loves is dead. She carries a lot of burdens from her time in the war and realizes that those deaths' are her responsibility alone.



Riza is coming with canon related to a game she was in, Daisychain RPG. She has a split canon as she was taken from her canon source around the time she met Pride, spent about a year in NYC, and then was returned to her home not long after she left conveniently. She is being brought here shortly after the Promised Day has occurred (approximately a few weeks or so).

Daisychain was a game set in modern New York City, specifically the island of Manhattan after it was attacked from a giant monster and several smaller monsters. It was based on the Cloverfield movie to give you an indication of the type of monsters. Riza and others like her were brought into the city as part of an experiment whose overall goal was to attempt making more of these monsters to send out into the multiverse. Characters didn't find this out until much later after several monster encounters of their own. Riza and the others were eventually abducted and placed on several ships in isolation -- injected with the toxins that would eventually cause the change. However, through some teamwork they were able to reverse the blocks on their abilities and turn the tides against their captors. They found the portal device that had brought them here and eventually got it working so they could return home as well.


Riza is a blond haired woman with soft curves and hard, brown eyes. She has a very serious demeanor about her and often wears her long hair pulled back by a clip with some bangs falling into her face. She is of average height and her skin is light. Despite her usual 'no-nonsense' expression, she does have a softer side, which can be brought out on occasion. While not many know it, Riza has a large tattoo on her back of an alchemic array that is supposed to be a secret technique her father developed and part of it is destroyed by a scar.


Riza is a trained soldier and specifically a weapon's specialist. She is one of the best snipers and also extremely skilled in close-range gun fighting. This doesn't just mean she knows her way around a rifle, but also she has keen eyes and a steady hand. Riza has infinite patience as well and all three of these traits would lend themselves well to hunting animals, fishing, or observing others for information. She is also an exceptional dog trainer, if people are getting puppies in boxes then she would probably be the person to take them and actually make them more than just extra mouths to feed. She also knows a thing or two about various codes and how to use them -- being subversive is in her nature and this would come in handy for communication among the village without other people being the wiser. Riza's time in New York City has also exposed her to various types of magic, technology, and to be super paranoid about being randomly transported to another world. Her background in this area would help inform what other characters might expect and she could help devise tactics and strategies to utilize -- though the situation might also end up being very different. Riza has also demonstrated sharp instincts both on and off the battle field. She is able to quickly assess a situation and how dangerous it might be -- a skill that could mean the difference between life and death around here. She's also familiar with codes and recognizing patterns. She and Roy created a code for communicating information in sight of others and she also understands morse code as well.


NAME: Lt. Riza Hawkeye

CANON: Fullmetal Alchemist (CRAU)

CANON POINT: After the Promised Day

AGE: 29-30

GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 5'6"
PHYSIQUE: Curves and muscular
HAIR: Blonde, straight, long
EYES: Brown (Reddish)
DEFINING MARKS: Large tattoo on back w. scarring
SPEECH: Voice Clip
DEMEANOR: Serious, straight-laced, quiet
GAIT: Long strides, purposeful
STATUS: It's Complicated

OCCUPATION: Soldier/Sniper












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NAME: Erica

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Character name: Riza Hawkeye
Character type: Fandom (CR)AU
Fandom/Canon: Fullmetal Alchemist (manga)
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